015: Dr. Andrea Brandt, LMFT and Author on Releasing Anger and Sadness Towards Emotional Freedom

Dr. Andrea Brandt, LMFT
Dr. Andrea Brandt, LMFT
Dr. Andrea Brandt, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author of Mindful Anger: A Pathway to Emotional Freedom, shares about how growing up in a passive aggressive household effected her own struggle with anger and passive aggressiveness as an adult. Andrea also shares how her own healing journey with anger and sadness compelled her to help others to release their own anger and sadness in healthy ways verbally, emotionally, and physiologically. Push the play button above to listen to the show or use the links below to listen on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

Some of my favorite insights that Andrea shared on the show were:

On Psychotherapy: “It takes a lot of courage, but the rewards on the other end are so great!”
“I think it is so important that people know that they’re not basket cases. They’ve got good stuff inside of them.”
“Hidden or covert anger is just as damaging as overt anger.”


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