About Shrink on the Couch

David Wever
David Wever, Host and Resident Shrink

There’s a funny adage told among psychotherapists and other mental health professionals. The adage is that therapists don’t get invited to too many parties for fear that everyone the psychotherapist encounters will be psychoanalyzed and ruin all their fun. As a psychotherapist, I can attest that never happens… at least most of the time, you know, that psychoanalyzing thing. On second thought, I haven’t been invited to¬†a party in quite some time. Note to self: update your social calendar ūüôā

But seriously, have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn the tables and aim the psychology questions the other direction?  

Although most psychotherapy schools teach that the mental health professional should never divulge personal information to their clients and patients, there does seem to be something to knowing that the person who you are pouring out every nitty gritty, dark and harrowing¬†detail of your life to…

… gets it themselves.

So, in this therapy office the professionals are the ones on the couch…. for you to find the right type of treatment or help for the struggles you are facing in your life.

Some of the questions for the shrinks on the show include: Who are these professionals and what do they offer the person trying to grow in their struggles? Do they really get it and why? And does what they do help?¬† What are their stories? Do their stories and experiences possibly open a new perspective for us of change and healing? What do they have to offer? Why are certain therapies working for some but not others? What are they finding that works with their clients? What do they need more of in order to help their patients? So, what really happens behind closed therapy doors?¬†What’s working in therapy? What doesn’t seem to be working as well?¬†

So, to answer those questions, I thought we’d turn tables and talk therapy, life, treatment and hope with the shrink on the couch instead. I thought how about a show where we not only see what brought these professionals to hear the hearts of people, but also share what they are seeing working in therapy as way of helping our listeners grow in their journeys and find beneficial types of psychotherapy treatments out there in the world to help them get there.

This show is for the person who is fighting everyday to find answers and hope for the struggles they are facing mentally, emotionally, and relationally.

I believe that good, beneficial therapy is like finding a hidden gem. And I want to make that gem not so hidden or at least the path in getting to that gem not so hidden.

That’s my hope for Shrink on the Couch.

I want you to hear the human side of the professional. Hearing them may help you relate to their story and humanize them from across the couch. Often people seeking mental health services may wonder whether they will connect with their therapist or will the therapist be able to relate to the client beyond a clinical perspective.¬†Shrink on the Couch aims to humanize the professionals in the field of mental health and psychotherapy. ¬†Shrink on the Couch¬†features the professionals that hang a shingle out, offering their services of hope and giving you a behind the scenes look at how therapy can help you in your healing journey to wholeness. ¬†By interviewing the professionals in the trenches, it’s the hope of Shrink on the Couch to offer some insight and hope into the world of psychotherapy to better help you engage in the treatments and the help this field offers.

I hope this show gives you hope in your journey. 

Keep courageously taking care of your heart and mind,

David Wever